Lingerie is also for men. Here’s why.

Here’s a question you’ve probably never asked yourself: why don’t men wear lingerie? It’s one of those topics that, until now, has never really needed addressing.

Our contemporary society associates seduction with femininity. As if this was an endowment from nature and therefore irrefutable. The art of pleasing and pleasuring is exclusively reserved for women, as depicted throughout time in western storytelling, art, film and literature. Any men wanting to experiment with such feminine traits would inevitably undermine their masculinity. Or so everyone said.

And if this conception of genders also feels very strange to you, welcome to our team.

But as conversations around masculinity and how to navigate gender roles builds momentum, exploring new possibilities of expression, we can start to distinguish the man from these stereotypical masculine traits.

Masculinity is not synonymous with being biologically male. Nor does being masculine necessarily means to be a man.

Being a man nowadays is constantly challenged and based on personal identity and preferences rather than gender conformity.

We’re looking to redefine masculinity, to find a new path, and broaden the extremities. Allowing its expression to be based on personal identity and preferences rather than rigid and outdated gender conformity.

Which, honestly, feels like a breath of fresh air.

✓ It’s no longer up to women only to please and be seen as pleasurable objects. Men want to please and see themselves as beautiful. Sensual and cute. Let them explore.

✓ Wearing lingerie can be one of the most interesting ways for men to experiment with their bodies and more so with their inner sensuality.

Fabric has NO GENDER, I repeat, fabric has no gender. Except perhaps in Latin languages, but they’re weird. It’s just a piece of something that can help someone feel themselves. And lingerie, really, only refers to lightweight, stretchy, smooth, sheer or decorative fabrics.

✓ Men AND women are eager to create a space to celebrate their partners’ bodies, playfully — Lingerie for men holds a piece of the puzzle.

✓ Men are starting to (finally) benefit from the new and emerging conversations about how to explore the full breadth of their gender expression in a changing world. As Lingerie was once created to free women from the restrictive corset — let Lingerie now be a tool for the liberation of sensual masculinity.

We, at Creative Underwear for Men aka C.U.M., believe there needs to be a space for men and women to experiment and explore themselves, without any shame.

This is why we created C.U.M.

We wanted to create a brand that is more than just a crass name. One that was about representing the innermost feelings of the wearers. Who are in touch with their individuality, strength, and inner beauty and who aren’t afraid to express it on the outside. And we wanted to build a community around that.

Want to be part of this community?

Are you looking to wear something different whilst taking down the ‘macho’ male-ideal dominated world?

🌟 Click here to visit our website!

Then follow us on Instagram @creativeunderwearformen

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Sophie Gambet

Founder @ C.U.M. making our males sexier and connected to their inner sensuality, one sexy underwear at a time