My man started wearing lingerie… And I loved it

Sophie Gambet
3 min readAug 15, 2018


I’ve always had a passion for lingerie. I could spend hours in the fancy shops in Le Marais (Paris for the non-initiated 💁) looking at all the fancy panties I could wear. And while my small student wallet didn’t allow much shopping, I did get my hands on some nice pieces.

I wasn’t the only one who liked lingerie. My boyfriend at the time did too… But with a twist.

Amidst our sexual explorations (we were so young!), one thing he liked was to wear my cute panties from the lingerie shop — the nice ones.

Now, this wasn’t roleplaying or a game. He liked to wear them because they made him feel sexy. He loved the transparency, the material, the shape.

And I liked it too.

It was a nice change from his usual boxers. Like a fun Christmas present, I could unwrap him down to the last piece. It was an adventure for the senses, specifically the eyes.

There was only one problem — the underwear didn’t fit him that well.

Imagine a dude with his package trying to fit in a women’s panties! See what I mean?

Furthermore, because of the above-mentioned issue, my panties quickly lost their shape.

So, for his birthday, I set out to find sexy underwear that could fit my man. Living in Paris AND the LGBTQI district at the time, how hard could it be?

I was wrong. 😔

Now bear in mind, this was 2008 and e-commerce was still a very new thing (at least in France). I tried many stores and talked to countless people. I just couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I did find some great designs, but nothing like the slick, transparent, minimal yet comfortable design my boyfriend was after.

Years later, while participating in a hackathon for women entrepreneurs, my idea was surprisingly a hit. There were plenty of great projects presented at the event that could change people’s lives. But none quite like a new brand of sexy and sensual underwear for men.

The women loved it, and in particular the women in a relationship. The men were perplexed at first but quickly adopted the idea too.

It got me thinking… What if this could be a thing? After all, I have always been disappointed when my lovers show up in ragged underwear. And now I knew I wasn’t alone.

Creative Underwear for Men (C.U.M.) was born out of our desire to see the men in our lives take control over the way they relate to their body — to see them bridge their masculinity with something a little softer, more sensual and conscious.

Perhaps even the desire to see them engage in the process of seduction from within. With a crazy desire to step out of the ordinary.

C.U.M. aims to bring the sensuality out of your man’s body.

Working on C.U.M. has been way more than underwear, it’s become a community of humans who understand the challenges of being yourself, of expressing your sensuality in a ‘macho’ male-ideal dominated world.

C.U.M. is for those who want to set fire to their sex life, through igniting the flame of their partner’s confidence. Both in and outside of the bedroom. C.U.M. is for the male-identifying who is looking to wear something different: sensual and sexy without falling into the cheap and ridiculous.

👉 After a successful Kickstarter Campaign, we have launched our e-shop! Find us there or you can follow us on Instagram @creativeunderwearformen.

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Sophie Gambet

Founder @ C.U.M. making our males sexier and connected to their inner sensuality, one sexy underwear at a time